The help page of delivers you a step by step detailed explanation on how to configure your printer for the online ruler. For a more compact guide see the print setup on our homepage. We have tested our product on numerous printers down to the millimeter, though we cannot guarantee perfect accuracy.

Notice: This guide is made for Adobe Reader 9, so it can differ slightly from your interface.

Step 1

Click on the Ruler of your preference to download it. If this doesn’t work, save the file to your desktop by right-clicking the Ruler and selecting “Save Target As…”. Open it afterwards


Step 2

Press on the print button step2

Step 3

Make sure the “Page Scaling” is set to “none”


Step 4

Click on “Properties”


Step 5

Make sure the “Page Size” is set to Letter or A4, depending on the used paper size. (the interface of your printer can differ from the example shown)


Step 6

Print the Ruler!

Simple License – Read This!

Before you download and use our rulers, make sure to check our Use License.

Our rulers are free for personal use. What this means is that you can use them for free for your personal projects without asking for permission, but you cannot distribute them (upload them on any other site or reproduce them in any other medium) or sell them.